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Kentucky Derby Party

The IEA Boosters Club hosted a Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday, May 6th at The Brownstone in Paterson to celebrate the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby, and to honor long-time IEA benefactors Claire and Dan O’Toole. 

Special thanks to Warren Schneider and staff of Evention for providing valuable assistance in planning and facilitating the Armchair Racing for the evening, and to Willie Wilson, our fabulous DJ and auctioneer for entertaining our guests.

Our sincere appreciation to our Event Committee! Chair Persons Janet Arena, Anthony Crasto and David Schell and Committee Members Eileen Andriano, Cecilia Crasto, Ilene Fisher, Bethany Hertl, Svetlana Korchevsky, Tricia McKeegan, Lisa Picinic, and Tonia Polvere for your time and commitment to a successful event.

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Exciting News!

We are happy to report a new journal article publication in Behavior Analysis in Practice on System Components and Outcome Data from High‑Quality Service Delivery Organizations. This article is the result of the collaboration of the ASAI programs employing the systems initially deveoped by our mentors, Dr. Patricia Krantz and Dr. Lynn McClannahan.

Due to the weather forecast, IEA's Educational and Adult Life Skills Programs will be closed tomorrow, February 13th.