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25th Anniversary Gala

IEA’s 25th Anniversary Gala, held on Friday, June 17th, was a grand evening celebrating the success of all IEA learners and families. The event, attended by more than 200 guests, was held at The Venetian in Garfield.

Guests were treated to a top notch open bar, exquisite cocktail reception, and gourmet dinner, thanks to the expert Venetian staff. Thank you for making this evening so special for IEA!

Our thanks to Willie Wilson, and his band, for providing fabulous music throughout the evening, and his always terrific emcee skills. By the crowded dance floor there was no doubt that our guests were having a great time!

Most of all, thank you to all who joined us for this very special evening! Your continued support of IEA and our program means the world to us.

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Exciting News!

We are happy to report a new journal article publication in Behavior Analysis in Practice on System Components and Outcome Data from High‑Quality Service Delivery Organizations. This article is the result of the collaboration of the ASAI programs employing the systems initially deveoped by our mentors, Dr. Patricia Krantz and Dr. Lynn McClannahan.