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Our Education Program

Research indicates intensive early intervention using teaching procedures based on the science of applied behavior analysis is critical to the success of those diagnosed with an ASD. For these reasons, IEA provides intensive and highly individualized educational services to children, ages 3-21, through its full-day, 12-month Education Program. All classrooms have a certified teacher and additional instructional staff members who work together as a team of skillful professionals to ensure the highest level of clinical excellence.

Customized to You

All programming at IEA is highly individualized to meet each individual student’s needs.Individualized assessments of each student’s current skill level and behavioral excesses and deficits are conducted. Development of objective goals and individualized teaching procedures Students Will Learn

Traditional academic subjects that all students learn in school.

Language and social skills training

Daily and home living, leisure, employment, and other skills.

Fully Capable Team of Instructors

Our programs pair the right instructor-to-student ratio with our learner’s developmental abilities. Instruction occurs in three stages:


Stage One

For our youngest learners, classrooms hold 1:1 instructor-student ratio, ensure high levels of supervision and maximized learning time.


Stage Two

Small group instructional sessions are introduced to the learner to ensure socialization opportunities and learning under conditions slightly less structured. Intensity of supervision is lessened during these times to allow children to further develop.


Stage Three

As students acquire skills that allow them to continue to learn under conditions that require independence and self-management skills, the staff-student ratio is altered to ensure their continued skill development as older children and adolescents.

The Right Learning Environment

Learning takes place across a number of environments. In addition to structured academic classrooms, teaching also occurs in more naturalistic conditions. Students may travel to a wide variety of practical settings to enforce critical life skills, including:

Dentist Offices

Dentist Offices

Shopping malls

Shopping malls

Food stores

Food stores

Public Transportation Areas

Public Transportation Areas



...and more!

...and more

Who Funds the Education Program?

Listed by the NJ Department of Education as an Approved Private School for the Disabled, sending school districts place most students at IEA and pay the tuition associated with the placement. Our Child Program is approved to educate students ages 3-21 in the state of New Jersey. IEA also accepts referrals from parents, Child-Study Teams, and other professionals in human service agencies. We accept both public and private placements.

Your Donations Matter

Unfortunately, the critical services we provide for our students are not always covered by the tuition dollars provided by the state. Therefore, we are committed to fundraising for all these uncovered costs, ensuring that all students have access to the staff and resources necessary for the highest positive student outcomes possible. It is only through the support of community members like you that we can continue to provide these life-changing services.

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