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In Home Teaching

Support in the Home

Home-programming services are provided to all families of students enrolled at IEA. A staff member works closely in the home with each family to ensure that skills learned at school are utilized in the home and community. In addition, staff members work closely with family members to address home-related issues defined by the family. Parents, siblings, and child-care providers receive hands-on training that focuses on allowing the family to continue to teach skills to the individual with autism in the home and in the community. These services result in increased student independence and substantial improvement in the quality of family life.

Visits to the School

In addition to in-home learning, parents are invited to spend time at school with their children monthly. During these visits, parents receive hands-on training and have the opportunity to observe their children completing all academic and school-based tasks. Parents also participate in regularly scheduled parent meetings in the evenings at IEA. During these meetings, information is shared with parents about current school and home programs, advances in the field of applied behavior analysis, and upcoming fund-raising events.

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Exciting News!

We are happy to report a new journal article publication in Behavior Analysis in Practice on System Components and Outcome Data from High‑Quality Service Delivery Organizations. This article is the result of the collaboration of the ASAI programs employing the systems initially deveoped by our mentors, Dr. Patricia Krantz and Dr. Lynn McClannahan.