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Welcome to the

Institute for Educational Achievement

A non-profit ABA program serving children, adolescents, and adults with autism.

Holiday Magic 2023

IEA learners and their families ushered in the holidays this year with a holiday party on December 20th. And what to everyone’s surprise was a special visit from Santa and his nemesis, The Grinch! With holiday craft projects, games, hot cocoa and delightful snacks the merriment was plentiful.

Santa's Annual Visit

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and of course Santa made his annual visit to IEA spreading holiday joy to all. The students were all so excited and anxious to share with Santa their very special holiday wishes. Their happy faces tell it all.

Happy Holidays everyone and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!

Science-Based Approach:

The ABA method

We are dedicated to using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to develop the most effective teaching practices that enable the strongest outcomes for the individuals we serve.

Functional Skill Development:

Encouraging Full Participation

Our teaching focuses on the development of functional, useful skills, including a wide variety of life and leisure skills that allow our students to integrate into community settings, succeed at work, and ultimately function to the highest level of independence in their own families, homes and communities.

Furthering Understanding:

Our Educational Impact

IEA is dedicated to advocating for, and disseminating information about, effective science-based intervention to parents, professionals, and community members. We are committed to conducting ongoing research and sharing information with the autism community at large through research publications, presentations at local, national, and international events, and assorted community outreach efforts.

Enabling individuals with autism to live the happiest and most productive lives possible.

An Amazing Place...

Our Programs

A place where children and families are given an opportunity to overcome the challenges that autism presents and look towards the future with hope. We combine the precision of science with warmth and compassion to ensure a fun, active, and productive learning environment for every student

Educational Program

Intensive, highly individualized educational services to children ages 3-21 in a full day, 12-month Education Program. All classrooms have a certified teacher and additional instructional staff members who work together as a team of skillful professionals to ensure the highest level of clinical excellence.

Adult Life Skills Program (ALSP)

Students who need continued support after graduating from our Education Program move into our ALSP. With the right guidance, individuals with autism can be gainfully employed and demonstrate enormous competence in the workplace, in community activities, and in their homes with continued programming for success.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Provided to all families of students enrolled at IEA, staff members work closely in the home with each family to ensure that skills learned at school are utilized in the home and community. Additionally, parents are invited to spend time at school to receive hands-on training and have the opportunity to observe their children completing all academic and school-based tasks.

Tangible Change for Those with Autism

We Need Your Help

You are making life-changing work possible. Through your
generosity we can ensure a bright future for children,
teens, and adults with autism. As we continue to navigate the changing landscape of autism research, your contributions enable us to deliver life-changing results. Our donors are our lifeline! Thank you!

Upcoming Events

We hope you can join us for our upcoming Casino Night Event, as we bring a Las Vegas style feel into NJ!
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Visit our admissions page to learn more about how you, your child, or your student can be considered for enrollment!

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Exciting News!

We are happy to report a new journal article publication in Behavior Analysis in Practice on System Components and Outcome Data from High‑Quality Service Delivery Organizations. This article is the result of the collaboration of the ASAI programs employing the systems initially deveoped by our mentors, Dr. Patricia Krantz and Dr. Lynn McClannahan.

Due to the weather forecast, IEA's Educational and Adult Life Skills Programs will be closed tomorrow, February 13th.